(if you were a smoker) how did you quit smoking? its hard to quit cold turkey exact i have a lot of...

its hard to quit cold turkey end in i have a lot of social activity during everyday. i capture irritable and cant risk that. ive gone off on people for the stupidest of reasons.

make clear to me how you did it. what was your story?
Answers:    What I do when I really want to quit is switch from malboro's red(what I usually smoke) to camel turkish silver or gold (silver usually). After a while, I switch to something cheaper like camel crush and consequently only smoke half of it and throw it away. I know it's a waste of money but your body doesn't requirement all that nicotine. You can smoke only half and still acquire the full affect. After that, just go cold turkey... I've been smoking for solitary 4 years so I might be different from you. People who have been smoking for over a spell of time would probably need help and counsel. Be prepared to cough a **** load... haha
i quit cold turkey. wasn't unproblematic and i did light up a few times but immediately put it out just to see if i could. i took it sometime at a time, knew if i could go for a week i would make it as i would own something to build on. i also saw what it did to my dad and how he died.
I used to smoke years ago and I used Nicorest gum.
That's how I was. I used Zyban to quit. It helped me with the irritability. I lately wrote an article about it on hubpages. You can check it out on the link below.
I found this study that documented a soaring rate of success for smokers who use this mind control method.It deals with cravings,counterbalance gain,mood swing and hunger easily.The way it works is something like this:
Imagine you own a very trusted friend,and then you find out that he is betraying you behind your hindmost.Would you want to ever trust and believe that friend ever again? It's the same with your 'trust' in cigarettes.You will be skilled to learn the real truth about your addiction to confidently abandon it without using any wiipower at all.Find out more.
I second the electronic cigarette.
I quit any number of times and ways, I'm 63 and smoked since it be illegal for me to buy cigarettes when I was younger. It's been a couple years this second time and I think here's a few reasons. I've seen empire die of cancer, not die immediately but live for several years chained to an air supply and a stool in front of the tv b/c of not having enough breath to stroll a 1/2 block down the street. Then there's the cost, oh yeah, the cost! More and more places went smoke free, including where I worked, that was a legitimate pain. Anyway, what I used was a product called Chantix,from my doctor, which have the least painless treatment plan. And one thing I did notice initially, be that cigarettes started to taste bad before it be time to quit. I also only smoked outside my home, anything that makes it a minor pain is a step surrounded by the right direction. You may get pissed but somewhere along the line the grownup part starts to transport over; which also means, if you quit for several months to a year, START AGAIN. I did, and it's been one of the hard things within my life, but it's the small things that made the difference. You can do it if you will.
ive smoked for 6 years now.. i go through a pack a day.. and when i went to visit the people for christmas, my grandpa had and electronic cigarette and told me that he quit smoking very quickly so i tried it. ive be using it since christmas and i don't smoke. you actually charge it in the wall and you get to pick from tons of different flavors. the flavors don't cost but a few dollars and adjectives it takes is a drop or so.. you take a drag off it and you certainly blow out what looks like smoke but is really water vapor. it has no smell. so you can smoke it anywhere! it give you nicotine without the tar and bull of cigarettes. a pack of two cost about 60 bucks or so,, but its totally worth it.
I really feel for anyone trying to kick a way, particularly one which is so addictive. There are so many 'experts' out there that it is difficult to know lately who to listen to.
Some of the accepted methods to quit are supposed to be simple, but for darn sure it is unlikely to be easy! There is no getting away from the fact that nearby could be some pain involved.
There is on way which has worked capably for me and also some friends of mine, so why don't you give it a try and i wish you all the massively best of luck with your efforts to become a lifetime non smoker.

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