Im 4 months pregnant. was have very bad cramps and back pains.i go to the restroom to pee and a huge clot ? Was having bad cramps like cycle be coming but a lol worse....

Was having bad cramps like cycle be coming but a lol worse. I went to the restroom to per and a huge clot and whitish shell looking thing passed don't know if there be a fetus for I panicked and flushed the toilet.feeling very doomed to failure now what should I do(first pregnancy)
Answers:    You should call your doctor.
Diabetes cause pain on the lower side from inflamed kidneys.
Avoid sugar. Get tested.;_ylt=A0oGĄ­ better go to the hospital ASAP.
You need to win to a doctor ASAP. There is either something terribly wrong with the babe-in-arms or you have just miscarried and the clock is ticking on when the rest of the placenta inside you becomes toxic and poisions you. Do NOT WAIT>
GET TO THE HOSPITAL!! when i wa 5 months pregnant i almost lost my baby but made it to the hospital surrounded by time to save her. you probably have what is called placenta previa. which puts you within a high risk category so you need to be careful

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