Im having really bad chest pains? ive had these chest pains for almost a year very soon and they...

ive had these chest pains for almost a year now and they never go away. they are really sharp and it make me gasp for breath. they feel like someone have put an electric wire in my body and keeps giving me these fast electrifying pains. ive been to my doctors and they said there was zilch wrong with me, but once, it got that bad my dad have to get me taxi to a&e at half 1 surrounded by the morning. they did various tests there but said i of late had 'inflammation of the chest bone'. they gave me ibuprofen but it made it worse. they then give me co-codomol i fink it was but i didnt take because they had traces of heroin within them. now my pains are sometimes in my back, lower belly, chest, and arms. its get that bad that yesterday i was walking in the bathroom when i have a sharp pain all up the right of my body and i doubled over in throbbing and had to grab the sink so i didnt drop. the pains are bad but the hospital keep telling me to go to my docs and the docs keep maxim theres nothing wrong with me. paracetamols dont help at adjectives either.
Answers:    try naproxin (aleve) it could be an apothacitis of the chest bone.
see the doc - maybe due to anxiety of some kind

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