***KNEE PAIN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE abet ****please read? I have had knee niggle for about a year now i have gone...

I have have knee pain for about a year now
i hold gone to the orthopedic surgeon multiple times
i have been told that i have Maltracking knees
i enjoy been to physical therepy
the pain Is UNREAL now
i went vertebrae to the ortha doc
and he says give it time 4months have passed
knees pain has gotten even worse
even though it makes it hurt even more
please please
if you know ANYTHING just about maltracking knees
please please tell me! if you know how long it takes to heal that would be AWESOME
but any info is obedient
thanxx for reading
Answers:    I'm assuming you do stuff with ankle weights right? Those assist the most, do a lot of exercise with them and try to ride some stationary bikes at the gym. Don't get surgery, my brother's problem be fixed with a lot of biking, swimming, and ankle weights.
Edit: I also forgot to mention, you might be like my brother, dad, and little sister. They lack an entire muscle in one of their knees. It may hurt because you are building new muscle. Keep working at it.
Mabye its a stress paun
First, quit icing it, it's making your pain worse because you are icing something to be precise already in a shortened mode and the icing is trying to make it smaller and that will end next to more pain. You have tendons that have tightened up contained by your knees to cause the pain you are in. I know that the p.t. folks don't know how to free them up for you but once you do get them freed up your pain will be gone. As far as the pain you are contained by it's going to stay that way until you get the tendons freed up. In time your dr. might want to operate to give yo discomfort relief, but he may wait until your knees are shot before doing that. The tendons are difficult to free up so they should be done by one trained for that, and as you already know that human being won't be found in the regular circle of dr.'s.
physical therapists have some tape they can put on your knees cap that kinda holds it off to the side to try to make it track properly contained by its groove. you could try that. also, if you're overweight, lose it. even 5 or 10 pounds could make a notable difference.

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