..Muscle Weakness on Right Side..? Ten immediate points to facilitate me? I am a 22 year old female who is in relatively pious...

I am a 22 year old female who is in relatively perfect health--I exercise daily and eat healthily, and try to get regular sleep.

Yesterday evening, I uncrossed my legs from a sitting position, and found my foot have "fallen asleep"--but it did not go away for a long while, even after getting up and walking around. From last dark and until this morning, a strong "asleep" feeling and numbness/tingling would come and go, even if I were lying surrounded by bed. And today, while my calf/ankle/foot area is not totally numb, it feels partially numb next to a muscle weakness feeling...and now, i cannot point my toe upward.

Also, I hold felt slight muscle weakness in my arm/wrist on matching side.

What do you think is going on..?
Answers:    Have you had a flu shot recently?? Many neuro things can become catastrophic you need a doctor. Go to the er. this could be serious. Even you know at your age college students tend to ensnare viruses, what is the good in continue and see?? Even birth control hormones have been known to produce strokes contained by healthy gals. GOOO, PLEASE, get it evaluated by a professional.
You seriously need to get to the emergency room. It definately sounds like a stroke.

There could have been a blood clot surrounded by your leg and it moved to your brain.

Really should be examined a.s.a.p.
Cut your cardio, do some more delta work, 2-3 more reps per set on the right side, take some more time workin the traps, make sure to fully extend those squats and lunges. Also you probably have a minor stroke.

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