Why do the bottoms of my feet hurt? whenever i wake up (and walk), or get up and bearing after...

whenever i wake up (and walk), or get up and walk after resting the bottoms of my foot hurt a lot. and after standing up, if i move it the wrong way it hurts also. i think it might be the muscles. its be like this for the past three days.
im 14 if that has any affect on it.
Answers:    I am not a doctor, so these are just what you may call, "educated guesses".

1. If you're starting to own your period, your body is retaining water, and the feet tend to be the primary spot of the body this happen to a woman during that time of the month.

2. If you're a big girl, the extra weight your feet support is causing them to throbbing.

3. If you're constantly wearing either flip flops, high heel boots, or some type of shoe that does not give polite support, it will take its toll on the feet.

4. Have you been running or exercising profusely lately? If so, you may be overdoing it, and your feet are not use to so much activity.

You may need to shift see a doctor about this. If the pain is not overly severe, you may want to try the following.

1. If you have a boyfriend, friend, or mother who is inclined to do this, have them use lotion and give your feet a relaxing polish.

2. Go barefoot (Without shoes and socks) as much as possible. Sometimes the feet just need a karma to breath (My wife has this problem often), and airing them out can cause the muscles to relax.

3. Soak them in hot hose and Epsom .Salt. But, if you notice they start to swell, then stop doing this, and soak them in cool marine.

4. When you have to wear shoes, wear something that is comfortable and supports your arch.

5. Eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetables. The source I say this is because if they are aching because you're retaining water, a suitable healthy crap will relieve the pressure (I am not trying to be funny as I say this).

Keep in mind, I am no doctor. If your dull pain gets worse, or persists, then you requirement to go see one ASAP. Best of Luck!
The tissue on the bottom of your discern might be inflamed--this is called plantar fasciitis. Rest, icing, elevation and anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen may help. If it persist, you should see a podiatrist.

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