Why does it hurt in the area you enjoy menstral cramps at when I have sex? I have been have sex for a year now and well no...

I have be having sex for a year now and well no issue if we do doggy or if he is on top or if I am riding I tend to get pain in the nouns you get menstral cramps. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does arise more often than I think it should if thats even if it should be happening. I abhorrence cause than I have to tell my boyfriend to stop and I get the impression so stupid, but I cant just egnore it because the pain isn't something you can just throw past its sell-by date your shoulder. Pls help.
Answers:    Well my friend Emma has the same problem. it would hurt so fruitless and no matter what she did it would still happen. i told her to go to her ob/gyn or doctor. They did a few test and she has ovarian cysts. im not saying thats what you have but you might want to look into that

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