My *** is sore... this black guy wasnt gentle any advice? yesterday i went to a gay lump and i catched this really...

yesterday i went to a gay bar and i catched this really handsome black male which i took home and surrounded by my surprise at the bedroom i realized he was HUGE and well let just say we did not sleep, now soon later my *** hurts a lot what woild you recommend to ease the affliction?
Answers:    Why do we need to know that he was a BLACK male? Would you hold put WHITE male if it had been a white guy? Just a thought.

Rub some KY on it and drink a cup of wine. I'm sure it's not the first... or the last time you'll feel like this. ;D
Oh... So that be you!? Sorry about that.
I just call it "afterglow" and enjoy it a sunshine or two ;-)

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