Ok im not emo but I REALLY wanna break my ankle/leg? so i enjoy this big thing in fitness class and my mom...

so i have this big article in fitness class and my mom said i cant skip it unless something really big happens and so i wanna break my ankle or leg and no or little pain would be the best! i am liable to do WHATEVER to break it
Answers:    um suck it up and of late do it.

exercise is good for you.
Ummm, that's a really stupid thing to do.....I would never do that. Just women up and tell her your refusing and your gonna quit, do you really want to be laid up for 6 months and effect your parents an enourmous hospital bill? Besides, its not possible to break something and let it be painless, and when your older the ankle could rationale you problems and inhibit your walking, thats a really stupid thing to do, don't do it, you never know, you could screw up nerves and endup wheel stool bound. Just saying.
Err. dont do it.
Worst comes to worst,..Why not just fake sick? O___o
that is stupid
only suck it up and do whatever you have to do in your fitness class.
Well this is the incredibly stupid,you cant break your ankle or leg with little pain it is going to hurt no issue how you do it.
To break your ankle tilt it to the side and stand up and jump and land with it resembling that and if that doesnt do it try and jump from somewhere high and land on it discouraging or hit it with a hammer or run over it with a coup¨¦ or drop something really heavy on it.
Breaking your ankle or leg can turn into something far worse then just self broken like what you want and ruin your life.Dont do it just forged an injury or fake a concussion or fake sick dont actually hurt yourself thats stupid!

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