"Hacking" your sleep schedule? Odd question. I remember seeing an article a while back almost "hacking" your...

Odd question.
I remember seeing an article a while back about "hacking" your brain near needing only two hours of sleep (since the human body only desires two hours of REM) by...well...continuously only getting two hours of sleep each hours of darkness. Your brain would eventually "conform" to this way of sleeping and give you the right amount of REM you need.
I'm wondering if I could do alike with any other amount. Like, I have a bit of insomnia, so I stay up until 12 on school night. Could only getting 5 hours of sleep for so long do the same, or is it better I attempt to fix my sleep schedule to a typical 8 hours?
Answers:    Every person is different and can require different amounts of sleep, and it also depends on your activity level, diet, age, and other factor too. If you feel well rested after 5 hours of sleep, your body is fine and that is a appropriate amount for you. If you feel tired and like 5 hours is not enough, consequently trying to get more sleep and getting a normal schedule is the just right goal. There are many things you can do to try to improve sleep. Try melatonin, or you can try sleeping beside a fan in your room for the background roar. Also, don't spend a lot of time in your room, especially laying on your bed, unless you are going to sleep. If you solely use your bed for sleep and when you go to bed, your brain will be conditioned to going to sleep after laying on the bed, but if you lay in at hand all the time watching tv, your brain will have a harder time falling asleep because it doesnt associate your bed with sleep.

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