"If you single had 24 hours left to live......? It's me John Anderson, 24 yo, from Los Angeles, California. My Girl...

It's me John Anderson, 24 yo, from Los Angeles, California. My Girl friend asked me this question." If you with the sole purpose had 24 hours left to live, what would you do, and who, if anyone, would you want to spend it with?
Answers:    jump out of a plane, but thats just me. do what your heart tells you.
really a pious question......
now coming back to answer.....
i would close to to spend my
6hours........thanking my teachers who imparted me knowledge to facade this world
6hours........thanking my beloved,for her support in all those aching staking moments
6 hours.......doing some good....giving what ever i have to some street beggars(old aged) and children
6hours........going to those who brought me contained by this world...my parents...lie on her palm....and close the curtain of the beautiful life there
==/\-0= Sing, listen to Krishna's pastime and Chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. It will make the rest of life very SUBLIME. The purpose is to return to the spiritual sky.

I'll Send It With The Person I Love Most; Nd I Would Everythinq That I Always To Do Nd What Make Both Of Us Happy".. :)

- Or I Miqht Jus Pray For Anotha Day To Live!! ;)
First piece i things it is true or falls. If it is correct i make a list of things i want to do. To my family member who are diffident and my require restorability to do for them. I DID it. Anything i take charge of others things or word i will settle. financial matters inform the information, undertaking,legal varying to cocernern persons. If i have to settle the matters ,things, likelihood, it should inform the persons with my concern persons. and settle the situation ,things,odds.Handed over the finical holding and lock and keys, accounts to the concern person next to authorized persons witness. It the above things and persons is not available in own appendage i write it and handed over to authorized persons with witness. Lastly rob bath and make my self fresh and enjoy the time.praise the god for given Oppenheimer to live the world.
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Honestly, I wouldn't know... buy me some booze, pod of herb and 30 McDonald's cheeseburgers.

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