"microwave safe" products? well here are a bunch of gadgets you can use in a...

well there are a bunch of gadget you can use in a microwave, but most have medals, gold ingots, silver, foiled, no microwavable...etc...and that is just one major drive people to either break their clear flat glass hold1 item I truly DO NOT Recommend is heating foods in micro on plastic/paper plates. The glass I be talking about breaks a lot is the one from the dais of their microwaves...or why most pp even get poisoned due to them not even being aware of the things you can or can NOT due...great subject.......and/or even ruin their microwave completely..there are WAY TOO masses chemicals going into everything, water...food...etc...now even what were consumption off of...maybe we should go subsidise to the olden day :) JOKING,,,lol... Lori
Answers:    Microwave is in itself NOT safe. Food cooked will cause tiredness for SURE :(

I am a big fan of glass utensils, as chalice is extremely chemically inert. You can obtain glass dishes cheaply, and use them surrounded by the microwave. They can be cleaned very easily.

The large chalice plate in the bottom of the microwave is not meant to be removed unless it gets dirty.

The great way to heat food in a microwave is to put it into a chalice bowl and cover it, either with a glass plate (for smaller amount than a minute or so), or with a piece of plastic wrap (keeps the water in if you are going to cook food for 8-15 minutes). If plastic wrap upsets you, put on the chalice plate first and then the plastic wrap.

Microwave is an ideal way to cook vegetables, as greatly little of the vitamin content is released.

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