[Re-post] Pain In My Hands? There is this dull pain in my hand? I know its stupid to look...

There is this pain within my hand?
I know its stupid to look to the internet for medical help, but this is so small, I figured may as economically. I'm having pains in the my hands. In the middle of my paw, the space between my thumb and my pointer finger, through my middle finger, through my ring finger, the sides of my hands, and sometimes in my wrist. Not all at once but those are the places. All specifically only on my right hand, on my left its merely my palm and in the middle and left top side of my wrist.
There is no tingly feeling or pins and needles, a moment ago sharp pain. Also it's been 4-5 months. The pain usually last for a couple of second to 2-3 minutes. lately its been worse, when I try to pick things up with fingers on the right hand I seize a horrible shot of pain.
Thank You In Advance!
Answers:    My daughter use to get the same entry in her hand. I took her to the doctor and there be no logical answer for what was going on. They thought it was carpal tunnel at first then they said that it be the nerves in her hand. from using the computer, or texting from the way her hand were positioned. I went and got some muscle cream close to ben gay and started rubbing her hand and wrapped it with an ace bandage at dark and she hasn't complained. As for what really caused the pain I really dont have a clear answer. I hope this help a little. And I hope your pain goes away.

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