***severe pain in the orb of my foot and caused by no obvious injury***? I woke up this morning (and I'm ruling out the possibility of...

I woke up this morning (and I'm ruling out the possibility of doing it in my sleep as surly, as I'm contained by this much pain, I would have woken up?) with severe dull pain in the ball of my foot [on my left foot]. As the hours of daylight has gone on and with me limping everywhere and not being competent to put any pressure on it (other than the side of my foot away from the ball). I can't bend any of my toes as much on my left as my right now because of this pain. It's throbbing and later I get shooting pains also! I'm in agony.
I've never had it earlier, and I haven't done any exercise since Thursday, oh and I don't wear high heels either, so I'm very confused.
Anyone know what this could be? and do I obligation to see a doctor?
Many Thanks.
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Answers:    Type "plantar fasciitis" into a search engine and see if that seem like what you have.
There are many causes of foot backache, but when most people talk about foot anguish they are describing symptoms that cause pain under the "globe of the foot." When foot pain occurs under the globe of the foot, the medical term is metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia occurs in the region between the arch and the toes. The medical permanent status for foot pain, metatarsalgia, comes from the name of the bones that are in this element of the foot: the metatarsals. The metatarsals are long bones at the base of each toe. Sometimes pressure on the ends of the metatarsal bones causes symptoms within the ball of the foot.

Treatment of foot pain often consists of anti-inflammatory medication, footwear modifications, and inserts for your shoes.
I hope this helps you. And good luck.

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