Should i go to work today? i had a nightmare at 2 contained by the morning then couldnt get...

i had a nightmare at 2 within the morning then couldnt get back to sleep adjectives night now ive got to gain up in a minute but i feel quizy (like im going to throw up) and very drozy? adjectives answers appreciated even if they are mean.
Answers:    you shouldn't miss work unless you are feeling really tired
If you still get paid, don't shift. Otherwise go.
bob take the day my friend shift and buy yourself a crate of larger phone up some girls to come over and get drunk thats what im planning on doin :)
I would call into work, explain that you have a sickness/dizzyness/drownsyness and say you'll be surrounded by after you've verb checked out at doctors, what else can you do?
Go to work - you can't have a light of day off owing to a bad dream - once you are up and showered you will be fine.
If you use sick time I would go see a Dr. and get a note. If you can use any other time I would telephone in as soon as possible but saying your sick I think you should provide a Dr.'s minute out of courtesy if your shift starts soon. Then 3 day weekend!
Get your backside to work. Is that mean enough lol.
Seriously though sounds similar to you are tired hence those symptoms. On the plus side its nearly the weekend so go to work have an early dark and late morning sat!
If you feel like that and really cant bother? Call and explain your sickness then
Go bring in your self some hot tea or some noodles, sit on the couch with a blanket and watch your favorite show or if you have a computer dance use it.
Nah take a daytime off. Tell them you need a mental health year. Look after yourself.

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