Why is my left foot always perceive colder than my right foot? My left foot feels colder than my right foot, Why? It is...

My left foot feel colder than my right foot, Why? It is due to poor circulation?
Answers:    probably, or maybe the track you sit or something. my left hand is always colder than my right where on earth i dont use it as much
Yes, circulation is the culprit. Have the same problem, but in my fingers. It's kinda wierd that you're whole foot is artificial... My fingers randomly get cold. It'd be like have your big toe cold, but that's it on one foot. The other foot might have two cold toes out of the five. Wierd, huh?
You can have tight muscles in your lower pay for pressing onto the nerves going to your legs which is going to cause a variety of things to happen and mortal cold could be one of them. Try freeing up your back muscles to make sure there isn't any pressure on the nerves to find out if this could be it or not. Here's how to free up your backbone muscles to remove the pressure from the nerves:
(do from a sitting position)
Place your left hand on your left leg subsequent to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm contained by the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your gone arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain within for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your foot positions and do your right side.
for best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

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