Was just wondering if i ahould worry? my describe its tina im useing my bf yahoo... i was just...

my name its tina im useing my bf yahoo... i was freshly wondering if i been to the doc and had like everything done and adjectives my blood work and everything always come out fine ....but at times i feel like my body inside is resembling slow like its going to shut donw like my heart gonna stop and i just bing crazyy? bc the doc would saw something? and i other suffer from anxiety but just wondering she i stop bing worry and wen i get this sentiment let it go bc it cant happen...and doctors would know
Answers:    You're have a baby, your BF got you pregnant, and you need to find to the hospital quickly, Like probably right now. Leave your computer and go presently, srsly your gonna **** a baby out at any moment
could be low iron. sometimes it form you feel dizzy and get fatuige (er howver u say it)

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