Was the nurse a pervert for taking blood pressure on my thigh? Pervert is the best word I could find. Do you think she...

Pervert is the best word I could find. Do you think she be taking advantage of her position or she hated her job? She said she couldn't capture a clear reading on my arm. It's not until recently that I learned the pressure is to be taken on the left arm at heart height. Was she poorly trained or was it for laughs with other nurses?
Answers:    The blood pressure can be obtained in any arm or either thigh. When doing a popliteal pressure you put the scope behind the knees. Blood pressure can also be done with special devices for the grossly obese that fit on the wrist. You have been misinformed.

EMT Paramedic
Some people's arms can be to skinny or too rotund for the blood pressure thing, so they'll do it somewhere else.
She may have explained to you contained by a way that you did not understand. As you stated that she told you she couldn't get a clear reading on your arm (which happen more often that you would imagine), it is done at times on thigh. So this is a routine procedure.

I see patients daily--trust me, there is nothing glamorous or sexual just about doing the BP reading on a thigh.

p.s. And good nurses and doctors do not laugh about patients at the rear their backs.

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