Was the weed i smoked laced? Last night I smoked only two bowls of weed that I get...

Last night I smoked only two bowls of weed that I got from a friend. I smoked beside two others but they had to go home. I started to feel impressively very high and experienced a body high I have never felt before they started to take me home but I have no idea where I was I couldn't integer out where my friend was going. They took me home and I sat surrounded by the bathroom just sat there for what feel kike maybe only two minutes but was more close to an hour. I then started to what I assume was rolling ( iv never done x so idk) butt felt close to someone was massaging up and down my body. Everyhting was colorful and would see odd things like my hand growing. I texted the kid I got it from and he said no means of access he'd smoked the same stuff and was fine. I still have some can I enlighten by looking at it? Does it sound laced to you?
Answers:    It could be laceddd . But some people trip off weeed and **** . Some people gain like super stupid and confuseddd . Its all good tho . The with the sole purpose thing that seemed irrelevant to being big was colors you seen an **** . That means your trippnnnn lol
yup sounds like it might hold been sprayed wiht something
Definitely have the sound of being "laced", from what I've heard from others.
Well seeing as how you smoked 4 bowls it could have just be a really strong freeze (type of weed that gives you a major body high) but it would have be laced with oxy cotten tables that have been crushed up. How did you feel the next daylight?

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