What did I do to my ribs? Going to try to make this short. 2 weeks ago I have...

Going to try to make this short. 2 weeks ago I had to get my sports car unstuck from the snow twice in 1 day. I was pushing near all my strength both times. 2 days following that I got a dull pain within my middle back, nothing really too painful tho. The following time the pain had moved from my back to my right side by my ribs. It's a short time sore to the touch. Only slightly visible bruise. Little swollen too. But it hurts like no other. Sometimes I will get these horrible muscle spasms surrounded by my ribs. The pain has gotten better over the past 2 weeks. So if you conceivably have been in like peas in a pod place as me, what do you think I did to my ribs? Muscle strain, pull, tear? Or I don`t know broke a rib? Thanks for reading.
Answers:    Ya, sounds like you tore a muscle in your back. I've done it a bunch of times, and the torment moves into my chest and under my ribs making it hard to breathe. It'll go away, of late rest.

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