Can a non-diabetic person get diabetic after a week of sadness? week of desperate news and fights can get a cured party to...

week of bad news and fights can acquire a cured person to have diabetic just through 7 days
Answers:    No. But for a person who is under profoundly of stress/pressure/sadness sugars are not good, just like milk isn't honourable to drink when you have the flu. If it doesn't help it will harm. I would suggest to this character to drink plenty of water, exercise or simply go for a walk, communicate to someone or write it down and believe you will get through. peace! and merry christmas!
Honestly one of the stupidest question i have ever heard. Diabetes is a serious condition and can be life-threatening to many people. So no, being downcast cant make you diabetic. Jesus Christ!
I am sorry that you've had a bad week but really.
No. The two -- diabetes and depression/a bit of time human being sad -- are completely unrelated, no matter what kind of diabetes you're conversation about.
it can contribute to an assortment of conditions, Yes, why not make an appointment with your doctor and gain a check up. You probably need to be on antidepressants! Or maybe you just involve someone to vent to. Try your minister if you don't want to see a medical doctor or a shrink.

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