Will my brother survive? a cousin of mine have been shot at the back side of...

a cousin of mine has be shot at the back side of his head. His CT scan shows his brain tissues damaged. and he is knocked out since 12 hours.. and he is on ventilator. Will he survive or there are no chances?

M very upset. please reply
Answers:    Most likely he will not.
No one on this board report to.
Only the Team of Doctors who know his clinical parameters and monitoring him and who also know the area of brain /extent of damage can individual tell the prognosis in this case.
May God bless Him.
With God all things are possible! Keep that surrounded by mind. It's all in his hands....
This is unknowable. I will pray for his recovery.
You can brother surrounded by your title and cousin in your full question.

But it depends what got shot. if he lives (keep praying and staying by his side!) he will experience long and short possession damage. disabilities that will effect the rest of his life and how he lives it. in the meantime the best you can do is provide support for him and especially his kith and kin. Educate and prepare yourself for TBI's. I hope he stays strong.
Good luck.

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