Can peanut butter lower your blood sugar? i know that peanut butter helps when my blood sugar is...

i know that peanut butter helps when my blood sugar is really low so does it work equal when its high
Answers:    Your question concerns me because I don't judge you understand how blood sugar works.

Peanut butter raises your blood sugar, so why would you think that it'd lower your blood sugar? Peanut butter elevate your blood sugar levels because it has carbohydrates from starch and sugar (peanuts are legumes and more like beans than tree nuts). A small amount of peanut butter doesn't really affect my blood sugar that much and can work to keep hold of my levels more or less stable, but if I eat a larger degree, my blood sugar will go up. PB does not lower my blood sugar at all.
Peanut butter probably won't lower blood sugar. It helps me when I am low, but if I feel as though sugar was making me sick I wouldn't eat it because it would only bring in it worse.
peanut butter is a starch, a "stick with you food", it raises blood sugar and is prone to increasing fat.
Really, only two things lower blood sugar. Insulin and exercise. Eating anything will either raise your blood sugar or evacuate it alone. As peanuts contain carbohydrates, and most commercial peanut butters add more sugar, it'll raise your blood sugar.

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