(cervical cancer) Are people just trying to scare me or...? could this be cervical cancer. I'm not sure if it is usual...

could this be cervical cancer. I'm not sure if it is normal because people tell me that they don't experience it. Before and during my term I experience these constant, pains near where my cervix is. Sometimes they are so sharp that it will nearly bring me to tears but they are always near. It feels much like a constant ache fundamental my cervix. I can barely stand it. Ask any questions you like and I will expurgate to answer them, I just need to know. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, I just inevitability to know because I do not know anyone with cervical cancer who is alive right now and no one I enjoy asked about these pains have had any notion what I am talking about.
Answers:    If you are a virgin, the chances of cervical cancer are incredibly small, if not non-existent. The most common explanation of cervical cancer is infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV), which creates abnormal pre-cancerous cells within the cervix. HPV is a sexually transmitted virus.

Most likely the pain you are feeling is cramping from your uterus. The cervix is the lowest chunk of the uterus. During your period, your uterus sheds its inner lining, and this causes cramping and bleeding. Try taking a medication such as naproxen (Aleeve), and I am convinced you will find the strain stopping.

If you ARE sexually active, and have not had a pap smear, you stipulation to go get one as soon as possible. This is a normal screening question paper that is recommended for all sexually active females.
You need to enjoy a Pap smear done. All the guessing in the world won't replace the facts this test will reveal. Do it soon and if it has common findings, you will experience relief. If the results are abnormal, you will begin treatment right away. It is a win/win scenario.

Here is a correlation to the Cancer Center Home Page:

Read all you want about it.

Here is an online booklet about cervical cancer:

Really, you could a moment ago be experiencing normal menstrual pains or it could be something more serious. Nevertheless, you must go get a pap and that will distribute you the answer to your question.

Anywhere from 9-16 women out of every 100,000 get cervical cancer in the U. S. A lot of it have to do with your race and ethnicity. Here are the facts from the CDC.gov:

I would have that checked out by a dr
Wow, adjectives these folks are probably scaring the crap out of you! When I was a teen, my cramps were so severe, I could just lay in bed buried under the covers, sweating. Any chill would set off a cramping episode so horrible I would cry. I missed plenty of university because of it...and that was before the day a nsaids. As soon as I turned 16, I cart my butt up to the health dept and got the birth control pill. Instant relief! Aleve works also, plain and simple. You probably hold heavy periods also and the pill would take supervision of that too. My daughter would get horrible migraines and went on the pill and hasn't had a migraine since.. Don't verbs about cervical cancer, you're too young and it's actually pretty a rare cancer.

thumbs down all u want..i am a female that's be thru it and so has my daughter, who is now almost 20.. i know what i'm talking around lol

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