[Cigar] Second-hand smoke? I have asthma, and my parents smoke cigars roughly speaking three times a...

I have asthma, and my parents smoke cigars about three times a week. Since cigarette secondhand smoke is really bad, what are the effects/signs of cigar used smoke plus for asthmatics?
Answers:    second hand will cause you to start wheezing and worsen your lungs
it would be best to avoid all second appendage smoke
it could spur on a asthma attack
Depending on how bad your asthma is, whether you take breathing treatments or inhalers or both. Usual signs would be wheezing, sometimes coughing, tightness in chest. If you are allergic to the smoke you could develop a over-hasty. My best suggestion is if they won't take your situation into consideration and smoke outside. Buy yourself a very good nouns Purifier. You can keep one running in your room at all times and perchance they will let you put one in the room where they smoke the most. They are a great comfort and should cut down on your attacks. I am a Respiratory Therapist and I kept one running for my kids when they were little do to allergies.
It is the same as cigarettes and sometimes worse. There are often no filter on cigars which can cause them to release more toxins. You need to stay away from people who smoke...anything. Its so awful that people are so self-centered that they don't care about the form of those around them.

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