Could i own alcohol poisoning?!? today is sunday on friday i went out and drank a lot,...

today is sunday on friday i went out and drank a great deal, i was definitely drunk but didn't vomit or pass out anything.. i didn't grasp that much sleep that night so when i woke up the next day i have the usual headache stomach ache but no vomiting. i was fine all year till saturday night came around and my body started to become shakey. especially my legs, i put a warm duster on my head ate some crackers to be light on my stomach and water. in a minute it is sunday and i still feel kinda freaked out, my body is kinda of tense. would could this be?!

PS im only 18 so i dont wanna travel to a doctor cause one my parents would kill me and i would get underage.
Answers:    I don't think you have alcohol poisoning. If you did, you would enjoy passed out the night you got drunk. It is probably some other bug, and you should just drink deeply of fluids and take it easy for a while. Take a Tylenol or Advil.

PS, you should move to Canada, the legal drinking age is 18 ;)
you don't hold alcohol poisoning i shouldn't think. It may just might mean your have a different effect to the drink. I've had it before and its awful and you would of either passed out and you would of be sick many times as your blood has been poisoned.
lawful age in the UK to drink is 18 as well :)
No; if you had you would surface much much worse. Drink plenty of water to flush it out
it takes the body about an hour to clear respectively unit of alcohol.
Just be more careful next time.
A doctor can't relate the police, it's confidential. And you can ask for confidentiality as well. Just tell your parents your symptoms but don't tell them nearly the party. Make sure the doctor sees you with no parents present. Their objective is to get you better.

Alcohol should be out of your system by now and alcohol poisoning would have hit sooner and harder than this. I'm wondering if someone put something within your drink and that's what you are suffering from. It could also be a very long hangover. It could be a virus you picked up at the party. It could be food poisoning from the party, if you ate any food.

Try resting, drinking lots of hose and fruit juice to flush your body. Eat, but eat light foods, clear liquid (that includes broth and jello). If you don't feel better by tomorrow, go to a doctor. Or if you get worse, turn to a doctor.

And give up drinking. If you are drinking that

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