Could I have HIV? please relief.? i had sex with this chick that apparently gets around plentifully....

i had sex with this chick that apparently gets around plentifully. i used a condom, although the condom didn't come alllllll the way down, and at times my entire penis and condom was in her.
after going on for 1.5-3 weeks i started to lose my appetite, lost a bit of weight, trouble sleeping, back and stomach pains (which i put down to not eating), and i know all these symptoms could be anxiety related, but i still tripped. at the 2 month fleck i tested negative, my doctor said i wouldn't need another test, but simply to save curiosity i could take another at the 6 month mark. it's immediately been about 4 months since possible exposure, and i started to notice that my mouth is nearly other dry, and i've got thrush on my tongue, it's kinda like not as bad towards the tip, but as you budge further back my tongue it starts getting more distinct.
should i be tripping?
Answers:    I'd right to be heard you should go get tested, whether you have it or not conducting tests is the only way to be sure.
Good question - You can always hold HIV when you have unprotected sex, so yes, you should be tested. However, a few things. First, it's much harder for a guy to get HIV. For HIV to be transmitted, there have to be blood contact, and the male penis isn't as likely to receive that kind of contact. One of the reason HIV passes so easily through anal sex is because of all of the blood contact. For another item, physical symptoms don't necessarily mean HIV because the mere fact that you think you enjoy it can cause you to experience physical symptoms. It's called the Placebo effect.

Yes, you could have it and you should go and get tested, but no, the likelihood you got it - especially if you wore a condom - is extremely small. Get tested anyway and be careful more or less who you sleep with.
You can contract HIV from other bodily fluids not just blood alone.
Lets say for a moment that you did gain HIV, it would take longer than four months to start experiencing symptoms of it. True thrush is when you get white patches within your mouth that bleed when you try to remove it. And the white stuff on your tongue is bacteria that is completely normal. I capture it and I brush my tongue as well as my teeth, sometimes a few times to remove it. Your fine. Get retested in two months. It sounds like your a bit of a hypochondriac. I used to be that process though before I married. Paranoid big time and that was just when I kissed someone. Good luck. I don't cogitate you have anything to worry about.
Get another test if you wish and ask a doctor nearly your symptoms, it may be an illness that is not sexually transmitted.
if you already tested negative, then its not contained by your system, its probably anxiety related like you mentioned, or it could be the flu or something, alot of bugs around at this time of year.
your probably just paranoid thinking about what "could" hold happened and it is influencing your thinking. if you have already tested negative, rest assured. pinch another test if necessary. but next time, exercise more watchfulness. maybe the next partner should go find tested with you.

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