Do cardiologists do ultrasounds if so when ?

A cardiologist orders the ultrasound, called an echocardiogram, but a technician would probably be the person performing the testing. The cardiologist analyzes the results.

Echocardiograms show the size of the heart, the size of the chambers, the thickness of the walls, the movements of the walls, the movement of blood through the heart, the movements of the valves, the bulk of the valve leaflets, etc. An echo is ordered when there is a necessitate to visualize any part of heart, such as in people next to histories of heart problems, people with new murmurs that could indicate spigot problems, people with suspected heart failure, etc.
Yes they do..and when is hard to utter all cardiologists offices are different
To complete routine ultrasounds of the heart, an Echocardiographer / Cardiac Sonographer would perform the exam. They also perform stress tests using ultrasound. Usually a cardiologist will solely help with the ultrasound during procedures, like a Trans-esophageal Echocardiogram, within which a special probe is inserted into the patient's esophagus to view the heart from a closer view. In this shield, the Cardiologist is working the probe while the Echocardiographer works the machine.

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