Do you own cancer? Its kind of a long story? I dont really have a question. I newly wanted to let everyone...

I dont really have a query. I just wanted to let everyone near cancer know there in my prayers. I wish adjectives of you the best of luck and pray that you will beat it. My gpa died of lung cancer and he didnt even smoke. It was bc all of my ancestral did around him. I remember the night he died he called for me and i didnt hear him, next entry i know i woke up and went in his room and he had the most horrific facade ive ever seen. He was dead. Soo im immediately inspired to pray for everyone who is also fighting any type of cancer. If you have a story and want to share it please do. God bless.
Answers:    I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. They caught mine early, but I am in a minute on 5 Years of Tamoxifen which has done horrible things to my body. It is still in the back of your mind though...will it return, will it turn someplace else...
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa...I know what you mean by the "Horrific Face". One day, my Father and my Uncle dropped us past its sell-by date at a Bridal Shower, and my Uncle had a Massive heart attack in my father's car on the road back to pick us up. He ran inside the building and told my Aunt he couldn't wake him up. When we get outside he had the most horrible look on his face....My father thought he was snoring (He be actually taking his last breath) Scary...I couldn't sit on that side of my Father's car for months.
It's dismal that your grandpa died of second hand smoke when he didn't even pick up a cigarette. Life isn't fair. My Grandfather died of Stomach Cancer. My Father had Breast Cancer, Stage 3, but he is a 14 year survivor. I hope that I will be too.
Thanks for the prayers...
The two answerer's to the ask above have helped us with their answers to our question about cancer and both have contributed to this forum and the time they have spent her is appreciated.

I am sorry for your grandpa's ordeal and what you have to witness. But it is making you into the person you are becoming and you already offering light in this category. There are so lots here that come and post questions that are fake, or post hurtful comments. They do not realize that the people drawn to this category might hold lost loved ones to this terrible disease or are going through treatment themselves, or have loved ones going through it.

So, I thank you.

My wife Becky had breast cancer, and she have a MRI scan last week, Thursday we will get the results and see her oncologist. If everything is fine, then it will be our first time going on six month visit. Our life is returning, we are experiencing a new "normal" and it gets better every year.

So, thanks for your prayers, and blessings to you and your family.

I am also a cancer survivor. Both my parents died of cancer. I was right beside my mom when she died.
When I be 51 .... I went to my doctor for a rash he gave me some cream to seize rid
When I returned back home my doctor phoned and said you should have a mammogram.
I had my mammogram done, 2 weeks subsequent the Jurvanski Cancer Center called they had
found Ductal Incarcinoma Insitu. One month later a biopsy was perform to see how far cancer had spread. 2 weeks after that a mastectomy was performed. Also a sentinel of a lymph node be removed to check and see if cancer went into lymph nodes. Luckily for me the cancer did not spread,
Even though they had to perform a mastectomy I consider myself one of the lucky ones to survive
cancer. Since consequently I also decided on reconstruction & reduction which I only completed last April.
Ever since I joined Yahoo I have have the privilege of helping others through their ordeal with breast cancer & will continue to do so as long as I can. Both parents died of cancer.

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