Docs or ladys who own had/suffer with a fibroadenoma.If this is Fibroadenoma, then why is it growing so fast? I notice a bump a month ago in my breast round about...

I noticed a bump a month ago surrounded by my breast round about where the ducts are. It's was a moment ago small and also hard and painless. I went to see the nurse practitioner at the walk within centre last saturday and she didn't know what it was (I be at home for the weekend and my doctors is in another city). So when I got home I called the doctors t arrange an appointment for when I travel back to uni. I saw the doc on Tuesday gone and she said she was 99/9% certain it be a Fibroadenoma de to my age (21) and because it "moves" . . . what she meant by "moves" i do not know and I should have asked but i wasn't thinking at the time. If I am honest with you I don't presume this does move, it's stiff - it's stuck in the breast tissue and moves when that moves, but the actual bump itself doesn't . . . I probably also should point out that when I was pointing to the area where on earth the bump was the doctor kept on placing her hand too low and missing it - maybe that's why she thought it be movable?? If I am honest I don't have a lot of faith surrounded by the doctors at my current practice (a student health centre) and feel that they don't really have time for anyone I be determined, I heard a famous doctor in American voice that a doctor cannot say if a lump is fibroadenoma or a cancerous bump, because they just don't know until the ultrasound/mammogram/biopsy so how can my doctor guarantee it's FibrA? The doctor has referred me for an ultrsound at the hospital and I am supposed to hear from them inside a couple of weeks (nothing yet). Anyways since the doctors I have noticed that the bump has grown surrounded by size in just a week, I would say around 1/4 centimetre. Should it be growing as prompt as this? Thanks in advance
Answers:    IT IS FIBROADENOMA.Increase in size is due to Hormonal changes.
In certainty in Text Book it is described as mouse in breast due to free mobility.
If you do not trust your DOC ,you can very in good health take 2nd,3rd,4th opinion.
How will you develop faith contained by DOC?
Even the Quote you wrote is written by Doctor only,you want to believe it but not the DOC who has examined you and given opinion.
Get lump removed by Surgery ,bring back confirmed Bx. report ,you will develop faith in DOC.
If you want a guarantee, you must have an excisional biopsy.
Ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast is very unusual in 21 year old women.
But the only bearing to be sure is to look at the biopsy specimen under a microscope.

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