What the likeliness of me getting breast cancer at my age? I'm 20 and constantly check my breasts for hard lumps and commonly...

I'm 20 and constantly check my breasts for hard lumps and often think bones are cancer, but I can't really report the difference. What do I need to feel for? Can I get cancer on my sternam or breast bone and does the breast bone run into the breast at all? Please help.
Answers:    I think you are not able to check yourself properly,consult a doctor.Admiral
You seem to be somewhat abnormally focused on breast cancer and, rather than answer your specific questions, I am going to suggest you write down everything you want to know and later visit your doctor and ask him/her.

Also, I would suggest checking the phone book and see if there is a local Breast Cancer Action group in your nouns. Call them up and have a chat with them and get some apt information. It sounds like all you have at the moment is unease and confusion.

Get the real answers from the real experts; not here. Your questions are too central.
Carolyn please listen. First of adjectives, cancer in a 20 yrs is 0-none. Your breast are naturally lumpy and no matter where on earth you touch, you will feel these lumps due to your hormones right now. From the onset of puberty in good health into the 20's this happens. Of course you can get cancer in those bones, anyone can, but the passageway you sound so worried, it seems that you are too obsessed roughly speaking breast cancer. Don't worry, Stop doing self exams and start again around 35-40. Wait until your Dr tells you it's time too. And they will. Most women are diagnosed with breast cancer during or after menopause. So you can relax. You are not within any of those categories. Anything at any age is possible, but also improbable. Hope this helps
Your chance of getting breast cancer at your age is completely very slim!

Lumpy breasts are common among all women - hormone fluctuations motivation a lot of 'lumpy' breasts.

You are worrying uneedlessy at your age, altho, it is a good idea to check your breasts reguarly after your spell to get to know your body.
A cancerous breast lump usually is very hard and within the beginning is NOT painful.
If you are sexually active, you should see your gynecologist once a year and you can give an account him/her to check your breasts and get advice and literature about how to examine your breasts.
Doing this, might aid you not worry too much.
I wish you well.
Stop constantly checking your breasts or you will make them sore. Check them once a month after your extent, in the shower. Soap them well and run your flat hand around your breast. Learn where on earth all the usual lumps and bumps are. Any new ones, go to a doctor and own them checked. Ask your doctor to check them when you have your usual yearly checkup.

The chances of you getting breast cancer at your age is so slim. Stop thinking just about it, it will probably never happen.

Just wanting to add for the benefit of the last poster - breast cancer is without doubt possible in a 20 year old. A three year old child have just recently been diagnosed next to breast cancer. In Australia, there have been a few very high profile women who have be diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20s. It is a miniscule chance, but the destiny exists. Women of all ages should check their breast each month following their period. Screening mammograms are advise over the age of 50, but in Australia can be utilised over 40 free of charge. Vigilance is important for early detection. However, over checking and self obsessive about it is not in anyone's best interests.

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