EKG results question? EKG says I have too much muscle on the vanished side of...

EKG say I have too much muscle on the left side of my heart but Dr. acts resembling it's no big deal. I'm just wondering why would a person hold too much muscle on one side, what could be the cause? My bp was 110/70 Could I be in a precarious situation?
Answers:    NO DON'T WORRY.
probably left ventricular hypertrophy {exercise induced} which explains your doctor's action.
You should discuss this with your doctor. You don't mention how out-of-date you are or if you have any medical conditions.
The results written on the EKG are not 100% accurate because it is determined by the machine. A doctor needs to look at the EKG and interpret it within the context of the patient. If you really do have an enlarged left ventricle later an echocardiogram or stress test may be necessary.

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