Fear over spots on thigh thts been thr for 9 years nw! Is this Kaposi Sarcoma? Help! Help! (Pics attached)? Is Kaposi Sarcoma misdiagonised for any other disease? Does it occur only surrounded by...

Is Kaposi Sarcoma misdiagonised for any other disease?
Does it occur only in culture with AIDS?
Does the KSHV virus live outside the body?

I have checked it wikipedia and sites of that sort, but confused?
I have spots surrounded by my right thigh which look like kaposi for Nine years now. it appeared when i was 14 .nw am 23.
Spots are waxy, slight raise (2 of them), slightly redish or brown in my dark brown skin. no pain no itch does not tuning color. spots are each 1 cm. hairs cant be seen growing except a few, follicles can be see but not the hairs on 3 of the spots.
Please note:
I'm an Asian. Dark Brown Skin. I have a woolly body
Heterosexual. Never had sex with anyone. Never injected. Never had a blood transfusion/organ transplant.
i have a CBC test when I was 16 and came out verbs.
Solo masturbation (regular/prone masturbation) is the only thing i have indulged surrounded by.
Prone masturbation which is masturbating on the floor, carpet, bed, blanket . .mostly on my bed and floor and carpet with a facade down position
could these have accumulated the virus and affected me ?
Do I enjoy KSHV/ AIDS?
what could these spots possibly be?
Am I at risk?
Is this how KS behaves?

Are there any other conditions similar to Kaposi, which may occur within people who are not infected with HIV/AIDS?
Could Kaposi sarcoma remain as such and localized on the skin for this many years ?
Are these lesion painful? or Will these get painful subsequent? Does Kaposi sarcoma undergo any change in appearance after it affects someone?
Is it true that kaposi sarcoma starts from the upperbody and spreads to adjectives parts of the body? Or is it confined to only one part of the body?

With regard to the symptoms associated near kaposi which i read in various sites including wikipedia, avert etc, i have never experienced any of the symptoms similar to swollen legs, pain or anything odd. The spots are intact as it were when it appeared.

Following are the links to the pics showing the spots (the pics are taken contained by the dark with the camera flash on. I've a dark skin and i enjoy body hairs. have uploaded 4 pics in total contained by which two are marked to show the exact location of spots)


Please Help.
God Bless You All.
Answers:    Hi nimqus
I received your im in connection with the pics, looked for your answer on my list but couldnt find it! my previous answer was deleted!
someone must hold been offended by my last answer, i know you didnt, who could it be?
let's hope this one doesnt take deleted too.

well, it's not kaposi
you know what i think? i believe these are scars. maybe you got some unsightly pimple there and you kept scratching. the pimples went away but the scar remained...it also explains their pattern (one ugly vesicle appear, you scratch it, inoculating the organism within other spots nearby, leads to other pimples, pimples rupture leave a scar).
verbs deep in your memory, when you were 14 years antiquated, did you get itching there? if yes, diagnosis confirmed.
if not, still it can not be serious
You are very very unlikely indeed to hold contracted HIV. I'll just say no. You are a virgin, never used injected drugs, the virus is weak and will not enjoy been present in the carpet or bed sheets unless someone else beside HIV was doing the same within hours of when you do it!

Congenital HIV infection is incredibly unlikely, you'd be experiencing fullblown AIDS by the age of 16 unless you are one of the irregular (1 in 100s) persistent suppressive carriers. You'd know your mother have it and even then the transmission rate is only a quarter.

No symptoms of Kasposis removes still more have need of to be concerned.

Its hard to see what these are through all the black hair, but they look similar to mellatined scars, probably from persistent spots. I have these too from my teens but lighter contained by colour (I am light skinned). Get them looked at professionally but note this is only because the doctor will diagnose afterwards, with 99% probability, as scars.

Don't worry, and don't pick!


Kaposis is cause by human herpesvirus 8. It is only easily transmissible by sexual contact, possibly kissing. Infection does not mean you will go and get Kaposis either, the effects of HIV infection allow HHV8 to cause the actual sarcoma. Just thought I'd add that to be totally clear.

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