(FEMALES OR DOCTORS ONLY PLEASE) [NEED HELP ASAP] Part 2? [BELOW GUYS] Here's the update guys. I showed her the answers, and she's EXTREMELY...

Here's the update guys.
I showed her the answers, and she's EXTREMELY grateful for all of your help.

Here's what she told me to tell/ask everyone:

The bumps NEVER hurt, unless they grow big and look like it's full of puss, later she either pops them, or lets hot water pop them for her.

She said it doesn't look gross down in that like dirty or a infection or even a STD.
Just little bumps like...maybe 15 around her vaginal nouns. like the outer part, not around the clitoris part.

She said she NEVER uses impossible to tell apart razor more then twice. She admitted that she uses a cut-throat in different directions.

She's kind of thick, but not large or chubby, just thick. So she might sweat down there.

The scar that are still there are like...a lighter color. like you know how you score your leg or get a cut and once it heals it leaves a lighter mark. That sympathetic of mark.

Some of the smaller bumps are like...purple. (please note NONE of the bumps hurt unless they gain huge on her).

She said she can feel "invisible" bumps like under her skin, and when she sometimes squeezes puss comes out followed by blood.

sometimes the invisible bump remains for months but nought else comes out.

I thank all of you for taking the time to help me help her out.
it scheme so much to us. My heart goes out to you all for this.

So should She go to her doctor and carry Antibiotics.
And is there any cream or lotion to get rid of the marks?
I hope so, because shes self confident and if the grades wont go away...she might not want to have sexual intercourse because of fear ):

I of late want to help her.
Answers:    I too think trimming would be a better choice than shaving. Body hair is more coarse than on the scalp and can be prone to ingrown hairs, bumps, itching, etc, especially when shaved so close. There are personal groomers than can be used to get a secure trim.
Go on wikipedia and look up FOLLICULITIS (bacterial) or Google it and you should have what your problem is and how to deal with it. Good Luck.
sounds like boils. thats when you get an infection surrounded by the hair follicle from shaving (either a hair is ingrown or you make a tiny cut in the skin which bacteria gets into and cause an infection) and you can end up with pus and blood in those areas. boils can be purple or rosy, and spots which are common from shaving too can be like whiteheads or reddish. i would jump to the doctor yes, antibiotics will help clear an infection. but she should make sure she takes a bath/shower more regular than typical and maybe trim instead of shave to prevent them from happening.

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