Has anyone had something like this crop up in their family? My uncle has lung cancer. Its be about 8 months now. Today,...

My uncle has lung cancer. Its be about 8 months now. Today, my cousin called me and told me that his oxygen saturation is at 79. He can't see. He doesn't know who anyone is. She told me he looked limp. Like she wasn't exaggerating or anything. She thought he was dead when she saw him. Is he brain dead? What's wrong near him? How long do people in his situation usually live for?
Answers:    My Grampa had lung cancer as ably. I am assuming that by 79, you mean 79% saturation. This means that oxygen is only man used less than what it should be. This will make him tired and he will sleep more then formerly. He isn't brain dead; the fact that he can't recognize anyone nor see probably mode that the cancer has spread to his brain as well.

I can't give you an estimated time length here - not a soul really can, but he is starting to deteriorate. I would ask your cousin if she has thought about palliative care which will transport someone in to help her out.

Good luck - my thoughts are prayers are with you.

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