Has anyone had success with Byetta? my doctor requirements to try me on it for diabetes

my doctor wants to try me on it for diabetes
Answers:    Byetta is one of the most over-hyped new diabetes drug to come along in years. Claims for it include massive consignment loss without dieting, normalizing blood sugars, and regenerating beta cell.

Needless to say, the truth about it is more complex. Still, if you have type 2 diabetes, it would be worth giving it some attention.

When your stomach doesn't available you feel full. When you are full, you don't eat. When you stop eating 100 grams of carbohydrate at respectively meal, your blood sugar drops. When you stop eating 1500 calories at each buffet, your weight drops. Nothing magic here.

Byetta causes the spout that opens the stomach so food can pass on into the intestines to shut down, sometimes for hours. This makes it physically impossible to overeat.

Byetta's effect on the stomach is probably the central thing it does for many of the people who find it supportive. That's what my endocrinologist has told me, and that's what many people using it report. It stops relatives from eating, and if overeating is contributing to their high blood sugars and weight gain, the drug will dwindle both. Eating rocks would do the same thing, but not as safely.

Over time, however, next to Byetta this effect appears to wear off as does its effect on weight loss. This is clear from the studies cited in the prescribing information.

Because of the delayed stomach empty, people may also see wonderful numbers when they test after a high carb banquet without realizing that the food has not but been digested. If you take Byetta, you need to question paper your blood sugar a few hours after you'd usually test it, to make sure that when the stomach finally releases the food into your gut you don't see a sudden blood sugar spike.

People posting about their experiences near Byetta on alt.support.diabetes report that they see the peaks they used to see at 1 and 2 hours at 3 and 4 hours. If those 3 and 4 hour peaks are over your target safe blood sugar, any improvements you are seeing at 1 and 2 hours may be illusory.
There are 4 push button steps to controlling glucose levels :

1) EXERCISE- Walking is fine but Nordic Walking is Great. Exercise also lowers Glucose levels , lowers Cholesterol and lowers Blood Pressure. Google it.Exercise is Non-Negotiable !!Thats why it is Number 1 on the list.
2) Knowledge- http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.ph¡­ This is a great site for info
3) Meds. Metformin to start. Never , ever run Actos or Avandia. They may kill you. Bone fractures, heart problems and what diabetics really don't need is that they change Bone Stem Cells to Fat Cells.Also never ever lift Onglyza or Januvia . They can can inhibit the bodys immune system and let cancer spread.
4) Diet- A low carb diet is in order. I can't count carbs so I use Mendosa's Glycemic Index Diet. Great for the together family. http://www.mendosa.com/gilists.htm

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