***Heart Skipping A Beat? I am 17, male and hope I don't hold any heart problems....

I am 17, male and hope I don't have any heart problems. I am 6"4 and weight 150 so it's not resembling i'm fat.

Every once in a blue moon, pretty rare, I will touch a weird feeling, not any backache, but like a flutter, kind of like my heart skipped a thump or something. I feel fine, but I just kind of freeze up later get scared.

Does anyone know what this could be, like I said barley ever happen, just once in a blue moon. I was reading some stuff more or less it and people said possible caffeine could trigger it. I do have caffeine a lot, I don't really over do it, but I did enjoy coffee and a pop today.

Please someone help me, God I hope theres nothing wrong with me, I don't want to die this precipitate. :(
I went to the doctor not to long ago just for a normal check out, and he listen to my heart and said it sounded great, and this did happen before that check up to.

My family doesn't hold any history of heart problems, only my grandma did, she had to have a stride maker when she was a lot elder.
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Relax, your probably fine. It happens to a lot of ancestors. Try to keep a record of how many times it happen and mention it again to the doctor. I may be hard to recreate it for the doctor but it is happening a lot afterwards maybe he/she can run a few more tests. It's probably a few PVC's. Pre ventricular contractions.

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