:(help with endro and frequent uti's requirement answers?!? i know i is a long post but please dont stop reading...

i know i is a long post but please dont stop reading i really involve help:). i have been suffering from frequnt uti's for over 2 years already. i am 19 years prehistoric. uti's come get treated i last a little over a week verbs and then i have another one. i have be to the doctors dozens of times all they seem to do is xrays, pelvic exams, checked on uterus, ovaries etc. and give me meds. my ex..exams come out glum except for a cyst found on my ovary.i recently went to mexico 4 months ago i got a pelvic exam n cyst is gone.my kidneys are fine resembling always my uti came positive nothing fresh except he found protein in my urine n gave me meds for that.my xray came fine i have inflammation everywhere and he told me thats the reason i am always constipated.
i been conctipated for over 2 years as very well all the doctors give me i laxtives (sorry for spelling) i have a hemorroid for a year and dosent want to rob off when i overdue it i have rectal bleeding if im not conctipated i have diharrea.
i own 28 day cycle normal 5 days in lenght.i own horrible cramps i got meds for that it dosent help. conctipation seems to lug place the worse.a year ago i would have no clots and cramping would only last the first sunshine of my periodbut now it lasts all week ,very soon i have clotting right after i pee an amount of blood clotting comes out i have lots of clots
sex is not that bad i be sexually active with my same guy for 2 in a partially years it took me over 30 times to try to get use to it but i still have sharp pains at time wen he tries to go adjectives i cant really sit on it wen on top cuz it hurt cant do alot of positions its plesaruble at times but i dont think this is normal. never use condom with him and i hadent drop preg
so can this be endometriosis?! are this syptoms linked to that should i get tested for it..what test should i ask d doctors to run on me i entail to find out what wrong with me is to much time like this already.any advice of what might be going on gratefulness so much!
Answers:    Tin is very correct on everything. However, I would like to add that whenever you urinate, you gross sure your bladder is empty, so sit there awhile. And most definitely other remember to void before sex and after.
Recurrent UTI
If UTIs keep occurring, identification and treatment of the underlying cause is essential. Patients who enjoy the same infection coming back can be managed successfully by attending to 'bladder toilet' (drinking 2 to 3 litres of fluid on a daily basis and always passing urine at bedtime and after sex).

Drinking 250 to 500ml of cranberry juice day after day and avoidance of bubble baths may also help. If these measures fail, six months of continuous therapy next to low dose antibiotics is usually required.

Also when going to the toilet :WIPE front to back .

What are the other causes of deep cramp during sex?
Problems with your cervix: the man's penis hits the cervix at the farthest extent of his thrust. So infections of the cervix and tender places on it can cause aching during deep penetration. This is called 'collision dyspareunia'.
Womb trouble: a variety of womb disorders, including fibroids, can cause deep intercourse pain.
Endometriosis: this greatly common disorder often affects the womb and surrounding tissues. It makes them fundamentally tender, particularly near period times. The pressure of the penis on an nouns of endometriosis may cause intense, deep pain.
Ovary problems: cysts on the ovary can raison d`¨ētre deep pain. Pain may also be caused if the tip of the penis hits an unusually positioned ovary.
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): this is cause by infection, and has become more common in the UK largely gratitude to the bug called chlamydia. If chlamydia isn't treated, there is quite a break of PID developing. In PID, the tissues deep inside become badly inflamed and so the pressure of intercourse causes cavernous pain.
Ectopic pregnancy: this means a pregnancy outside the womb, usually in the Fallopian tube. Pressure on it can be immensely painful.

Drink tons of water. It may also help constipation.

Take fastidiousness

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