....hopeless answer about bad breath? Guys, I hold a huge problem, bad breath, I have tried everything...

Guys, I have a huge problem, desperate breath, I have tried everything to cure it, but it doest seem working. I have tried different diet, brush my teeth 2-3 times a sunshine, flask, use mouth wash, and etc. That all failed, and I dont know what to do.

Please assistance me, how I can solve this problem, I was thinking to see a doctor, but I don't have a health insurance, full time student.

Answers:    There's these type of brushes for ur tongue that get rid of impossible breath. Search them online. The cause of bad breath is a dirty tongue. Not the teeth. I know it seems odd but brushing your tongue will do a lot of help. Or just try gum..
How do you know you own bad breath? Saying you have tried 'different diet' is extremely vague. I assume a great source of 'bad breath' sources from the tongue. This is my teeth brushing routine.

I start by flossing well. I take a environment (this relates to how hard the toothbrush thistles are) toothbrush and wet it with a moment ago a little water. Then I brush each 'section' near 4-8 strokes. I have 3 larger sections and 3 sub sections. For example, the bottom vanished of my mouth is a larger section, each side and the 'top' of it are each of the sub section. I go over each of those sub sections 4-8 times and do a tongue check after. Once I own gone through about 8 strokes on every sub section and gave a once over on my gum's, I steal a removable shower head and rinse with a high pressure blast, surrounded by my mouth, for 20 seconds or so. It blows out everything. When I am satisfied with that, I after move onto the tongue and the roof of my mouth, I scrub over my tongue and the roof of my mouth well enough, until I am satisfied. I afterwards grab the tongue scraper and go over with that at lowest 3 times. I then rinse once more with the high-ranking pressure blast from my removable shower head.
Once I have that stage done, I re-do each sub paragraph with the same tooth brush, only this time I hold either a small dab of tooth paste or a baking soda/hydrogen peroxide mix. The baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent and it act as a sort of roughness. This brings me to a very important point. I feel that toothpaste act as a barrier for the thistles of a tooth brush, preventing you from really scrubbing your teeth. That is why I start without toothpaste. I after add toothpaste later to simply add a scent that might ultimate a little while. Look into mouth wash that involve hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It's pretty hardcore as far as cleaning your mouth goes, but i.e. what you seem to seek.

If you are drinking pop, smoking tobacco, eating processed foods or waste, stop.
You should see a doctor, desperate breath (especially when you've tried everything) can be a sign of some serious health problems. Better safe than sorry. :)

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