How Does HPV Form? I know you can win it from having sex with someone who...

I know you can get it from have sex with someone who has it (or even just coming into skin-to-skin contact beside them) but I was wondering how it forms? I searched in google but I couldn't find any information on how it in actuality forms. It would be nice if someone could tell me something google apparently can't... Thanks :)

p.s. sorry for all the question results.. yahoo says my question has to be at most minuscule 20 characters long >.<
Answers:    It's a virus. So, like other virus, it passes from person to person. It doesn't "form" surrounded by the sense of appearing out of thin air--it's a distinct entity that passes from person to entity only. It makes warts.
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Like any other virus, HPV enters your body and replicates. In many cases the person's immune system can keep the virus at firth, these people will never show symptoms of HPV but will still be able to spread it to others. In everyone else, when your immune system cannot keep the HPV virus from replicating, it infects your skin cell causing changes to these cells. Depending on what strain you hold, it can either cause visible wart or it can begin changing the cells on your cervix. When wart become visible, they are usually very small, sometimes so small they cannot be seen. They own a variety of looks ranging from a flat fleshy bump, to what may appear to be a skin tag. They can be flesh colored, pink, brown, gray, or white. If you find any unusual bump on or around your genitals you should see a doctor right away. Treatment get harder the longer you've had them. They can enlarge or spread and can cause discomfort depending on the location.

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