When you buy a fleshlight is it always new? I ordered a brand different fleshlight off of fleshlight.com. When it came...

I ordered a brand new fleshlight rotten of fleshlight.com. When it came to my house i opened it up and it smelled musty.. So i called the company and verified that adjectives fleshlights are new... they said yes.. So i washed it out and used rubbing alcohol and then used it.. Now 10 year later I have what looks like a pimple on my penis and below my testicles is a large bump. I fear i got herpes.. I enjoy not had sex for a long time so theirs no possible chance of getting anything except from this. If it was contained by fact used what can I do against the company? And how would i prove it being that i used it already..
Answers:    As beside most reputable manufacturers of consumer goods, the Fleshlight company use standard quality control procedures to ensure that their product have been tested and found free of defects and has be found to be serviceable for advertised use.

There should be a small sticker saying "Tested by #1023" or similar, which allows you to identify the relevant Quality Control Officer (QCO) who "tested" your unit. This sticker can be found any on the unit itself, or on its original packaging ex-manufacturer.

When you contact Fleshlight, quote the hint number for the QCO for your unit, and they should be able to provide certification of the STI screening status of the Officer who "checked" your section prior to your purchase. If they are unhelpful at this stage, then you should contact your attorney to subpoena the relevant documentation.

Without this, you have little opening of accurately identifying the QCO and lodging a successful claim. You could try DNA testing any residues in the part, but given that you cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and then (presumably) subsequently left your own DNA surrounded by it, your chances of a forensically useful result are slim.
All three Fleshligts I've ordered have been hermetic and have had no problem. I seriously doubt they would ever sell anything that have been used. It is crucial for them to maintain the trust of their customers. They need and want repeat business.

Two possibilities. First, if it is herpes, herpes can lay dormant for years. So, even if you haven't have sex for a long time, it could still very well be from a partner if you weren't protected. Here's a case where on earth symptoms didn't appear for 25 years: http://www.herpesdoctor.com/forum/how-lo¡­ If you really think it is herpes then you should check with your doctor. How to share if you have herpes: http://www.ehow.com/how_4589920_tell-hav¡­

Second, if you don't think it really is herpes, could it be irritation resulting from the usage of the Fleshlight? The Fleshlight requires liberal usage of lube, some sleeves more than others. If you ordered the original smooth, here isn't anything inside to help the lube stay inside and it is easy to run dry before you realize it. I started beside an original smooth and ended up with irritated spots because the lube only just wouldn't stay inside very long. (I ended up throwing it out.) If you think this is the baggage, let yourself heal (no masturbation or sex for several days), then try again but be sure to use plenty of lube. If you hold any of the smooth sleeves, consider getting a different sleeve with texture, such as the Wonder Wave. http://www.fleshlight.com/fleshlight-toy¡­ I tried this one and the chambers help hold on to the lube in much better and everything stays comfortable. You already have the case so a short time ago the sleeve won't be as expensive alone. It's a pain to buy another, but it's a much, much, better experience. Like night and day.

Good luck.

Calm down. It's impossible to get herpes the approach you describe. It sounds like you have a cyst or ingrown hair.
All fleshlights are brand tentative when they are sent to you. I don't know how it could smell musty when it was sent to you. YOu do not have herpes or any other STD from using it. I think the usage of rubbing alcohol might have damaged the fleshlight. I do not know how the pimple developed on your penis.

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