I got this problem opinion tired mornings and i dont feel like getting out of bed,? and i felt dizzy if i am out of bed getting past its sell-by date...

and i felt dizzy if i am out of bed getting off my couch this morning, and i well discern sad sometimes,
and i feel well stuffs adjectives over in my body, dont seem to know how to feel, some things i see sets me sour, and well silly stuff makes me cry, i am sensitive to stuff now, more than ever..
i perceive like i do have something wrong with me cough mornings just from nerves....
well my friend valerie says is adult allergies conditition..

i stipulation to know whhats up with me here tryed to explain how i feel,

night times i own most energy before bed time, and mornings takes me long time to attain going,
sometimes, and getting out of my pjs... please look at this and help me with good answers please. thankfulness.. i really need some from here.. thanks
Answers:    maybe your allergic to work! its very contagious. beware.
talk to your doctor about it
maybe your depressed. you could be dehydrated, especially in the morning. as soon as you return with up drink a full glass of water
What happen at night that gives you more energy? What do you drink? What do you drink? Do you exercise more at night? Maybe if you did in the morning what you did at night, you'd enjoy more energy.

If you think you have a food allergy, perchance talk to a food allergist. If it's something around you making you cough and sneeze (like dust), you may want to eat more broccoli (just cook it in a container with a bit of oil and salt for 5 minutes.) Broccoli is a blood cleanser and can assist the body deal with allergies (just look up its properties on the "world's healthiest foods" site.

If you feel sluggish within the morning, maybe try eating protein for breakfast (like an omelette). Or have a banana milk shake, bananas can comfort calm you. You can buy one already pre made from the grocery store if you can't make one yourself.

Hope this helps Jared. Stay strong


Oh yeah, there's no such piece as "adult allergies condition." That just sounds like an full-size who has allergies. To put "condition" on the end of it is just to breed it sound more serious than it actually is. You might just own allergies, the end.
Welcome to the club.

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