I have the flu, should i only eat soup? today be the first day ive been hungry in going on for 3 days,...

today was the first day ive been hungry within about 3 days, i still cant taste my food though. ive heard not to put away that much because my body needs the energy to get better, not to digest? if that make any sense? should i only eat soup and small stuff or is it okay if i have a feast?
Answers:    Yes, if you can eat...EAT! whoever told you that is full of ****. Your body needs nutrients to combat, memorize , and control the virus. Your lymphatic system is working full speed contained by order to combat the virus, as well as many other parts of your body. YOU NEED FOOD. If you can do it, do it. There is positively no reason not to eat, ever.

PS: THE FLU, DESPITE POPULAR BELIEF, IS A RESPIRATORY VIRUS! Not a digestive virus, so eating and the flu hold no correlation ( to the person below!)
Theraflu all the way!...it cured my flu within a few days
it seriously makes you feel better and hot HOT tea
chicken soup also works but mainly theraflu:)
Soup, and sip on 7 up, or sprite. Also devour crackers. I hope you get feeling better soon!
Soup is good. Also drink plenty of fluids. Hot tea, orange juice and other juice and whatever appeals to you. I usually like oatmeal and ice cream when I am not attitude my best.

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