I want to do Process Valdation of Vaccine industrial process ... Plz guide........? Dear Readers, I m working in the one Bioscience Company which manufacture the...

Dear Readers,

I m working in the one Bioscience Company which production the veterinary vaccine. I want to do the process validation of the vaccine manufacturing process which includes the generally harvesting, inoculation blending and lyophilization steps. So how can i do that ?.... Please guide me.... Please provide me detail as much as u can do.

I want to do it within very short time please guide me.

Also u can mail me on hardik(a)hesterbiosciences.co.in
Answers:    Hardik - Your questions require detailed information too long for a reply on Answers. Contact your national governing body organization, perhaps like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and ask them to furnish you beside their requirements for processv validation.

Some web sites for further information include the following:
Coordination of qualification and validation support for a new vaccine facility.
www.nnepharmaplan.com/.../Coordinationˇ­ - CachedMMR vaccine uptake rates: a data validation study.
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There are lots of articles on Vaccine Validation Methodology ... go through fda site and also robert nash ...
www.linkedin.com/answers/health/healthˇ­ - CachedGet more discussion results
Free download pdf: Sop validation vaccine
Governments and the vaccine industry have invested fittingly. ... costs, water utilization, validation time and cost, and equipment footprint. ...

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