Left hemisphere brain tumor? I cant find anything on the internet that is in actuality worth reading,...

I cant find anything on the internet that is in fact worth reading, So I guess I am asking for advice from people that actually know nearly brain tumors, and aren't just"googling" this stuff..because I am capable of that..
Okay, My sisters fianc¨Ĥe was told today that he has a gone hemisphere mass. He was sick (vomiting) with really bad migraines for roughly speaking two weeks. They just found it today and have not told him anything because the neurologist wont be in until morning. His eye have began to turn in. PLEASE if anyone knows anything something like maybe the type of tumor, prognosis rates, etc, please let me know..
thank you
Answers:    Nobody knows the answer to your cross-examine because we don't know what type of tumor, what size, where in the left side it is, what category it is...I had my seizure on a friday night. After a cat scan at my local hospital (ambulance ride), and I be sedated, I woke up the next day, after having an mri at a hospital 3 hours away and be told I had a brain tumor. My whole body was x rayed surrounded by my hospital bed to make sure the tumor wasn't mets from another cancer. Neuro drs are at the hospital on the weekends..They monitored me until early monday morning, when my surgery took place. Sent me home friday and I was wager on 2 weeks later to get sutures removed and was told my diagnosis. One month for remedial and I started radiation and chemo for 6 weeks.. Had a month off before chemo again 5 days a month for 6 months.. Prognosis depends on everything I already mentioned and whether or not the entire tumor could be removed.

Oh wow I'm sorry. How was the tumor grade so quickly? It took 2 weeks for me to get my diagnosis after surgery. He is on high dose steroids for brain swelling. Vaccines made from tumor cell have become more commonplace, if he's at a hospital that has the capability to do so...if they save part of the tumor.. Standard chemo doesn't seem to extend the prognosis very much, neither do the other treatments. The dutiful thing is they got it all, which is massively rare because gbm grows finger like tendrils that shift deep into the brain, many times wrapping around important areas that can't be cut into minus causing irreparable damage. The 2 that I know with gbm didn't live olden the 2 year mark, but drs were unable to remove entire tumor.

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