Losing consignment and don't know how? A year ago my Aunt weighed 250 lbs., now she is at...

A year ago my Aunt weighed 250 lbs., in a minute she is at 125 lbs. She has had medical problems in times gone by. I believe she had tumours growing on her, but they were cut off, this be about four years ago. Ever since the tumours have been gone, she have been puking everyday (not bulimia) , but the weight loss has solely been going on a year. She has been to Doctors and they right to be heard they can't see anything wrong with her. What can cause someone to loose weight this nifty?
Answers:    Nutritional deficiencies (vitamin A) or a sickness of some kind can make family loose weight. I think she's loosing all the counterweight, because of the puking. she's not getting enough of the calories she eat, because they all are coming up and going away her body, before digestion takes place..
If she's puking, she's been loosing electrolytes and high-status vitamins and minerals.

A deficiency in B5 and B6 causes nausea. A not as much as in Vitamin A causes weight loss (but i imagine the puking is what's making her to loose weight, not the vitamin A). However, she should get these 3 nutrient levels check up by a doctor (they will bear a blood test to see if she lacks any of them). perhaps, she might want to get B12 and iron checked up, as these two nutrients relieve with energy levels
..... so check up: vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Iron, and vitamin A.

Also, she might want to drink gatorade every day, because she is loosing tons electrolytes from all the puking. and gatorade has electrolytes in it!

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