My armpits sweat alot, so plz relieve me find a solution? i have tried all the deodrants and they dont work i am planning...

i have tried adjectives the deodrants and they dont work
i am planning to try degree clinical, so i dont know if it would work
is there any other solution
and someones the sweat is smelly, so how can i change that and not a soul in my family is like that
thx contained by advance btw i am a 17 yr old female, weigh 245lbs if that matters
Answers:    Some people do sweat more than others, and some people's sweat smells stronger than others. Make sure that you use antiperspirants - anything called "deodorant" will not work. It must be called "antiperspirant". Showering everyday as expected is a given, and make sure that you dry your body well after your shower. And talk to your doctor. You may hold a condition called hyperhidrosis. If so your doctor can prescribe a special antiperspirant that might help.

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