My foot are ALWAYS freezing cold, even in hot rooms? For about 5 years I have other suffered from having ice cold...

For about 5 years I hold always suffered from having ice cold foot! Even in the hottest room. Sometimes my hands get cold too, and I'm worried because I don't figure out what is causing this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks
Answers:    you should go 2 the doctor and get cheked it can be a sideafect for Diabetes.
I have Raynauds phenomenon, which cause cold feet and hands. Bad circulation is another one. But Raynauds causes my fingers and toes to turn white, then blue, then red as the blood returns. Its not a serious condition just a backache in the ***, but get it checked out anyway :-)
find someone to warm them for you. some men are into that..
I swear I just saw that on Dr. Oz yesterday. The woman's foot were icy cold and he named some condition.. Sorry I can't remember. You should go to the doctor and enjoy it checked out. It could be something serious.
Do you smoke? If not dont worry, I enjoy the same problem.

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