My girlfriend is sick, glorious fever? she has high frenzy, her body shakes cause she feels cold, she...

she has big fever, her body shakes cause she feels cold, she have pain over her body, then felt as if her appendage were getting numb and later threw up, this happen out of nowhere she be just on the couch and started to feel bad, she feel better now but i am wondering what happen that cause her to bring like that so quickly?
Answers:    thats interesting because I have pretty much the exact same piece. The flu often comes out of nowhere, and you could feel really sick really fast. Here is what you should do: Put a cold towel on her come first, but if that makes her too cold then let her cart it off. Make sure she is drinking water and is resting. For her high hallucination, give her tylenol or Ibuprofin. If she goes to sleep, she will probably get furnace and will probably wake up feeling hot. Make sure she gets something surrounded by her stomach, like crackers. Tell her that if she feels like she requirements to vomit, don't really "fight" it or try to keep it down. If she vomits she will probably feel better and get the discouraging stuff out of her. Orange juice, sprite, and water are good things for her to drink. Try to stay away from dairy products. Take her warmth every 20 minutes, and make sure it doesn't rise too high. If her fever get above 104 degrees, take her to the hospital. I hope she feels better and polite luck!
Go to the doctor right now if she still feels ill. I'm not a doctor but if her appendage was numb then I would think perchance she is having heart trouble. I don't want to panic you. Just stay calm. Ask her how she feel etc. If in doubt, check it out
Sounds very much close to food poisoning. There are several cases of food poisoning each year and many think it is the 24 hour flu. The body's unprocessed healing process is to create a high fever to wipe out germs. Most bacteria are killed at 102 degrees F and virus at 103 degrees F. If you take medicine to lower the warmth, you are preventing the body from healing itself. Getting sick violently and quickly is a particularly typical sign of food poisoning, especially if vomiting happens.

good luck to you

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