My go before hurts after I smoke cigarettes? I noticed that sometimes after I finish smoking my head hurts a...

I noticed that sometimes after I finish smoking my head hurts a bit. No this is not the "buzz". I have the buzz the first month I was smoking and it's dizziness and lightheartedness. I now don't have buzzes anymore, as per any non-new smoker, but as I said sometimes my cranium hurts. I've been smoking for only 2 months. What do I do?
Answers:    Whenever there is niggle (physical) your body is trying to tell you something. Personally I don't smoke I used to years ago. While a lot of people complaining roughly speaking the prices of cigarettes I don't have to worry about it. Now just I save on money I'm in good condition. No body can't help you on the internet while your head is hurting. To me it common sense to kind a Dr. apptointment YESTERDAY to see why your head is hurting.I wonder know how do eat, think, gossip, and sleep if your head is hurting. It could be something serious or not. The only way YOU going to KNOW is budge the DOCTOR. They can ask you questions, run tests, etc. The sooner the better. The kind of cigarette you smoke the body is recitation you I'M REJECTED THIS, I'M REJECTED THIS! . A lot of people not saying you don't value their form until they lost it. I hope this help.

Pretty much people are telling you to quit smoking. Giving up smoking is not flowing there are help out there to backing you break that habits. There people quit smoking all the times whether it by choice or medical conditon. From the answers you a short time ago gave you need not only to see the Dr. but also procure check into a mental health faculty. If you don't care about your robustness why should anyone else. Nobody not going to feel sorry for you. THE TRUTH MIGHT BE HARD TO HEAR YOU. You don't like it DON'T COMPLAIN. As I stated earlier at hand are help out there.
quit smoking now! You're not really that addicted after two months of desk light smoking. It might seem cool now, but it won't be later surrounded by life.

EDIT: **** your lungs, **** your body? I guess what you're saying is **** YOU!! Go ahead and kill yourself, only don't be surpised if that body you're busy ****ing gives you a headache to **** you back once in a while. Idiot.
Stop smoking.

You're lungs with thank you, your body will thank you, and your wallet will thank you because cigarettes are so expensive

Smoking is the filthiest habit.
Guess stopping smoking never occured to you hmmmmm!!

Do you not see how imature you sound by your "additional detail comments".
How stupid does this nouns. I don't want to get addicted to pain killers because at hand "really bad for you"!

It is now 2011, there is no excuse for this charitable of ignorance any more!
Stop smokin that crap.
This answer is so simple I'm almost embarrassed to answer it.

SERIOUSLY?? Stop smoking durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
"Doctor, it hurts when I smash my head into a wall." "Then don't do that."

EDIT: The lone thing that's going to help you is if you grab a brain and realize that smoking doesn't create you "cool". It makes you dumb. And for you, it seems, in spasm. Why the hell would you want to have this problem just to look like a dummy? I'm sorry, I intended to say "cool" I didn't.

Stop smoking or quit your b*tching.
stop smoking it's desperate for you
Hey stupid *****. Get past its sell-by date his *** and go spread your anti-smoking **** elsewhere.

head aches are cause by a lack of oxygen to the brain. Probably from smoking too much in a short period of time, or dehydration. so if your cranium hurts back off for a few hours and you should be fine. Report Abuse
And so why did you start smoking in the fist place? You knew what the side effects would be, but no, you have to be "Cool" and to try it for your buddies. Use you brain for God's sake! And stop smoking.

Edit: Beer (Alcohol) is also bad for you. Don't get offended, but you come across to be just another I**** out there who doesn't think. No wonder that most of the world is chock-a-block with idiots.

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